Sherenden & Districts School

Senior School Writing


Senses Poems

Sherenden School is … cheerful children swooping down a long metal pole as they crash down on the muddy and soft bark.

Sherenden School is … the pollen floating softly from the tree tops and the leaves tumbling down on the ground.

Sherenden School is… where pens click as the children think cheerfully trying to get their stories sounding perfect. 


By Lachlan



Sherenden School is …the parade of children sprinting to the end of the lush green swaying grass puffing like never before.

Sherenden School is …where wind echoes off the trees, kids clicking their fingers and rain drizzles on the roof.

Sherenden School is …the smell of steaming hot pies surrounding you, tasty vegies and fruit waiting to get pulled out.

By Nina


Sherenden School is…the forever lasting Pohutakawa tree standing underneath where the colourful pheasants fly. 

Sherenden School is… the mountains of oak leaves rustling and crackling as the jabbering children jump on them.

Sherenden School is… the kind and caring people in a peaceful and quiet small place. 

By Georgia